• Facebook Challenge, 2009-2019
    Personal Growth

    Thoughts on Facebook’s ‘How Hard Did Aging Hit You’ Challenge

    I don’t normally participate in Facebook games that make demands. I’m rebellious that way. But curiosity overpowered my sense of defiance. So I did it. I followed the fad. I had to see how I have changed.  The directive calls for comparing your first Facebook profile photo and your current one. Mine are 10 years apart, 2009 to 2019.  When I put my first and most recent photos side by side, my first thought was, “Dang, I look better now!” That made me start thinking about who I was and what I was going through back then. My life has changed so much and I’m in a better place than…

  • Clash of Concepts

    November 30 – Protect

    When a person starts a project like Clash of Concepts—a project that requires creativity, interesting stories and a touch of humor—the tendency may be to protect oneself from vulnerability. I’ve thought of this many times in the past month—wondering what people would think of me if I showed them what goes on in my head. I have written some pieces that I’m proud of and some that I should have censored. But it was important for me to be me on this journey—good, bad and ugly—and I definitely have shown you some ugly. The easy way out would have been to protect myself—and you—from the realness of what I have…

  • Clash of Concepts

    November 29 – Decorate

    Decorating our Christmas tree is a big deal to the Margison family. I didn’t realize quite how much until I considered not putting one up. But quick and loud protests affirmed my hopes that decorating a Christmas tree meant something to more than just me. We always put the tree up together—Rodney, Tyler, Zach and me. When the boys were at school out of state, we waited until we could all be together, even if it was a few days before Christmas. In recent years, we’ve added the boys’ significant others, and maybe, someday, our grandchildren will join in the fun. Each year is the same routine: Rodney huffs and…