Hit Me With Your Best… Inspiration

On the 17th entry of my 30-day challenge to blog every day, I’m finding myself lacking.

I’m searching for inspiration.

Not for me… this time.

When you have loved ones at odd places in their lives, you often want to help them. But, sometimes, it just doesn’t seem you can do or say anything right.

How do you encourage a person to put himself out in the world? To take a chance? To try and try and not take no for an answer?

Yeah, I don’t know either.

I try to be encouraging to those I love and the community as a whole, but, this time, I seem to lack the words or inspiration to motivate people forward.

How about you?

Can you offer inspiration for a person to follow dreams that seem unattainable?

Let me hear what you have to say.


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  • Mary Cunningham

    Dreams change with age Linda…remember back to your high school dreams….they may be similar to those of your sons…they may veer off in a different direction as you grow and mature in your thinking…then again, you may keep the same dream, but add to it or tweak it according to what is going on in your life and reasoning . Unattainable is isn’t an option. The dream may evolve into a different version of the original. We all need to look for the positive situations surrounding us and apply that to our lives..Keep those dreams alive!

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