A Challenge… and Fair Week

I’m issuing an informal challenge to myself: Blog every day for a month.

Today marks 23 days until Zach leaves for New York. That gives me 23 days to document our lives until this epic change in our family, and then allows for a week to write a few words about New York and the separation.

Encompassed in these three weeks is the Brown County Fair, my utmost favorite event in this tiny Midwest village. This wonderful week begins, officially, tomorrow night, Monday, July 30, when the commercial tent and exhibit building open to the public and the carnival rides erect in the sky.

The fair is a time for everyone to see those who have remained too busy or too hidden since the last weeklong 4-H extravaganza.

For me, this is the week I get to spend with our business partners, the Owens family. Kim Woods-Owens has become the lifeblood of mine and Rodney’s venture, This Is Brown County. A couple of years ago, I stepped back to pursue other interests, and Kim stepped in to take over editing, advertising and business duties. It has been a lot of work for her, but she has kept this business operating and flourishing.

This Is Brown County, affectionately called TIBC, is now Kim’s baby, and she is raising it better than I could have ever imagined.

Through the years, we have seen many struggles in our TIBC family. Both the Owenses and the Margisons have encountered trials and celebrations. We’ve seen our children graduate and go to college. We have prayed for each other through tough times and celebrated when situations finally went right.

The Owens family, Kim, JP, Katelyn, Michaela and Adri, mean the world to me, and you, Brown County, are fortunate to have them.

That’s the most important aspect of this week for me… seeing my friends and spending time with them.

That’s what this week is for many people. Fair week is a time to catch up, to laugh, to campaign, to eat, to play and to see hard-working young people strut their stuff… oh, and sweat!

I love this week.

I do have another reason to be excited. This week marks the public launch of TIBC’s sister, TIBC Press, a traditional book publisher aiming to give a voice to talented people, without the corporate, money-hungry influence that often comes with publishing houses. We hope it will fit well with TIBC and TIBC Radio.

What excitement… I’ll see you at the fair.

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