And it begins…

Although I like to think of myself as open-minded and technologically sound, I am new to this phenomenon called “blogging”. But as the world evolves into a society that creates journalists of anyone and everyone who has both an Internet connection and a strong opinion, I felt I needed to learn more about this new form of free speech and utilize it to express my own thoughts separate from my professional position as managing editor of our local weekly newspaper.

Therefore, my rather opinionated ramblings in this forum in no way represents the thoughts of my employer, but are strictly my own, all for which I take complete responsibility.

Responsibility is a rare trait that many in our small community of about 15,000 residents are unwilling to grasp. Some do, of course, but, especially among the political and county official ranks, it is easier to deflect blame and accuse others for your own misfortune.

My personal opinion — again, not my newspaper’s — of the workings of politics in this community will no doubt become a recurring theme in some of my writings. However, I expect to also portray life in this tourist community, as well as the joys, trials and tribulations in my own household, as my husband of 16 years and I attempt to raise two amazing sons, one 15 and the youngest 10.

Welcome to my blog… I hope to hear your views on my views.

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