Beware of My Rambling Ways

Well, tonight’s the night.

We’re gonna be alright.

I don’t think moving our son to another city is what Rod Stewart had in mind.

Regardless, tonight’s the last night the four of us will be home together for a while, if ever. We’re making last-minute preparations to leave early in the morning.

I was thinking of lyrics to reveal my thoughts, but I’m not leaving on a jet plane — it’s actually a rented Subaru Legacy — and I know I’ll be back on Sunday. Truth be told, my bags aren’t packed either.

But you can start spreading the news. I’m leaving tomorrow. We’re gonna be a part of it, in New York, New York.

Maybe I shouldn’t write when I’m mind-numbing tired.

The blog may look a bit different this week. I’m contemplating changing the design just for the days I’m in NYC. You’ll also probably read a whole lot about pizza, and I’ll try to give you a glimpse of the city that never sleeps. (That’s actually a lie. New York does sleep… at about 8 a.m. Saturday. Been there, seen that.)

I’ll also try to take more pictures while we’re in the city. Each day will be different and, hopefully, exciting.

A brief overview of our itinerary:

Tomorrow will be traveling.

Wednesday is move-in day and parent orientation.

Thursday is Zach’s all-day orientation. Rodney and Tyler will travel to Liberty and Ellis islands, while I head to a cafe to write, drink coffee and take in the ambiance. (All of us but Tyler has seen the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, so Rod is giving him the tour.)

Friday hasn’t been planned yet, but it should be a day for the four of us to see a Broadway show and do some sightseeing.

Saturday is Zach’s birthday, and then Sunday is abandonment day… and my birthday… the saddest day.

If you have questions or comments about the city, please share them. If you’d like me to write about something or take a picture of something specific, let me know. I’ll give it my best shot.

I think the ramblings have probably lost you by this point.

This time tomorrow, we’ll be in New York City.

And a new chapter begins.

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