Bitter is the melted bowl

I had intentions of writing something prolific this evening. I’ve had a topic in mind all day.

And then I poured popcorn with hot grease (we make ours on the stove like generations before me) in a plastic bowl.

Any guess what happened?

You need to realize, we always put our popped popcorn in a plastic bowl. But there is usually enough popcorn to use the excess oil.

Tonight, though, I thought I’d pop a quick bowl and watch a movie. After the butter melted and the oil heated up, I decided to get the popcorn out and realized there was only about a quart cup… much less than normal.

I was already irritated from the lack of kernels.

Imagine my further agitation when I dumped the popcorn in the bowl, turned away, then heard an odd sound, like liquid hitting tiles.

Oh, yeah… It was liquid hitting tiles.

The hot oil melted a hole in one of my favorite bowls.

That popcorn that plagued my palate didn’t quite taste as I had expected.

It kinda left a bitter taste in my mouth.

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