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The Nest Makeover

And The Band Didn’t Play On…

This blog often reveals my most vulnerable emotions. Writing is a vehicle through which I process my feelings, my thoughts, and even my grief. Before I can move on and produce content for this space, I first need to address… Continue Reading →

2016 drags in random thoughts, focuses passions

Writing my year-end and looking-forward blog posts has been difficult this year. I love to distract myself, it seems, so the past two mornings as I’ve perched at the computer to write, I’ve instead spent hours looking at New York… Continue Reading →

It’s a new, different era, and that’s OK

Part of my identity crisis in the past five years is because I don’t feel like a writer. I lost connection with the person I was, editor of the local newspaper, writer of stories about people, revealer of truth. I now… Continue Reading →

The Nest Makeover: As parental roles evolve, writing and dreams resurface

Early morning departure. Coffee fills the travel mug. Eyes alert, at least, for now. Gas tank full. Music set to shuffle through an eclectic hodgepodge. We’re off. Hours on the road. The cup is empty and the bladder is full,… Continue Reading →

Beginnings, Endings and The Nest Makeover

It all started with a queasy, strange feeling as we entered Wal-Mart searching for post-Christmas bargains. I couldn’t explain why I didn’t feel well, or how I didn’t feel well, but the complaint was enough to cut our trip short…. Continue Reading →

Goodbye… again

I have conflicting emotions. About 6:30 Saturday morning at Indianapolis International Airport — for the second time in just a couple of weeks — I will say goodbye to a son who is embarking on his new life. Even though… Continue Reading →

College Evolution: Skype, Tweets, Texts & FB Posts

When I went off to college 26 years ago, my parents said goodbye and trusted I would be fine. The world was different then… blinder. By that, I mean we weren’t as connected. We didn’t have a constant connection to… Continue Reading →

Empty Nest: A Syndrome?

We’ve all heard of the phrase “empty nest,” but did you know it’s also a syndrome? Empty nest is the phrase coined to describe when all your children leave home. The syndrome portion involves depression, feelings of rejection, loss of… Continue Reading →

Day 6: Goodbye, New York, take care of my baby

Today is my birthday. I’m 44. I’ll always remember this day. Not because of my birthday, though. Today I finished coursework for my MFA in Creative Writing. But even bigger than that, I left my baby in New York City. By… Continue Reading →

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