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Clash of Concepts: A friendly contest between creatives

To keep the creative juices flowing and to give me a doable replacement for National Novel Writing Month–which involves a process I love that wouldn’t fit into my life right now–I came up with the idea for a creative project… Continue Reading →

2016 drags in random thoughts, focuses passions

Writing my year-end and looking-forward blog posts has been difficult this year. I love to distract myself, it seems, so the past two mornings as I’ve perched at the computer to write, I’ve instead spent hours looking at New York… Continue Reading →

Falling into another season of change and inspiration

When the wind gets a nip and the leaves change hues, I feel a metamorphosis in my own creative being. Ideas flow and actions follow suit. Even if I haven’t created in ages, my mind ignites with ideas and my… Continue Reading →

My creative secret: Find passion to fulfill dream

After all my years of creative struggle, I finally found the secret to feeling alive and happy. Find a creative venture that ignites your soul, and then do it for you. Don’t taint the purity of it with thoughts of… Continue Reading →

Desire, Not Obligation

I’m starting this year in a different frame of mind. As past years came to a close and new ones began, I would start the same way, fretting about my lack of writing progress and my determination to change that. As… Continue Reading →

The Tortured Artist: Is it all in your head?

When Robin Williams killed himself, the world catapulted his death above any other headline that day. Seconds after I learned, the evening news cut in to make the announcement. Suddenly, the world exploded with mental illness news. Everyone knew someone… Continue Reading →

When a Car's Not Just a Car

It’s just a car, right? Maybe. Maybe not. Months of energy, looking and planning and saving and preparing. Getting my hopes up. Having plans fall apart. Not being understood by anyone, because, it’s just a car, right? Moms are a… Continue Reading →

What If I Could Not Fail?

Zach’s school, New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, posted a photo today that reads, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” I’ve seen similar thought-provoking images and quotes on the Internet and Facebook, but… Continue Reading →

Life Lessons Behind The Register

You learn life lessons working at a convenience store gas station. While many of you are cuddled in bed, I’m making coffee, greeting customers and checking in the day’s newspapers. I start at 5 a.m., and then venture over to… Continue Reading →

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