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    Prompts Project

    Prompt Project: The Songs of My Life

    Do you always have a song in your heart? Do lyrics and tunes weave through your thoughts? Dick Clark spoke wise words when he said, “Music is the soundtrack of your life.” I can hear the first chords of certain songs and have memories flood back as strong as when they first happened. Since I tend to write about dark topics, I purposefully chose a lighter prompt from 642 Things to Write About for today. So this is the prompt I chose: If each decade of your life was represented by a pop song, what would they be? 1968 to 1978: “Wildfire” by Michael Martin Murphey This song is a…

  • Prompts Project

    Prompt Project: The Unexpected Gift

    Creatives are happiest when they’re creating. Creating takes away the power of negativity. When I have time to write, the soul-sucking parasite that is my everyday job steals ideas of what to write. My brain is dead and tired. Not writing everyday makes my soul incomplete, craving for an outlet. I end up drowning in a cesspool of depression and anxiety, and that manifests rage and frustration. So this is what I’m going to do: A lovely young lady once surprised me with a gift she loved and thought I would, too. It’s a book. The title: 642 Things to Write About. This will jumpstart my ideas, even when my…