Challenge Day 2: Finding My Direction

Rodney's Day 2 Entry
Rodney’s Day 2 Entry:

I’m a morning writer. I wake up with ideas and inspiration, but by the time I get around to writing, the prolific words dissipate and are lost in a creative abyss. With witty words on the lam, I rely on confessions as a means of fulfilling my promise to write daily.

Therefore, a confession, but please don’t tell anyone. No, I mean, really… don’t tell anyone.

Here goes:

I saw a movie today. This three-dimensional showing didn’t have a compelling plot or far-reaching character arc. It is a documentary.

Yep. You guessed it. I knew you would. I’m so ashamed. Please, don’t tell anyone my secret.

Wait… you, in the back… you didn’t guess? Really? It’s, like, all anyone is, like, talking about, you know?

Oh, geez.

I ventured to the AMC Showplace 11 in Bloomington, Indiana, for the 12:15 p.m. showing of “This Is Us in 3-D.” I told you it was embarrassing. Yes, the One Direction movie. We got there a half-hour early and were the first moviegoers in the parking lot, but we hung back until three others rushed to the front of the line.

We didn’t need to hurry, because only 14 of us, 13 female and one male, filtered into Theater 10 for the show. Thank goodness the grandma brought her granddaughter or I would have been the oldest person there.

I didn’t come alone, though, so it wasn’t all that creepy. I attended with my niece. Ignore the fact that she’s 30 and we were just a sweet story of aunt-niece time.

I didn’t know much about One Direction when I sat down with my smuggled-in tea and a shared bag of fresh popcorn. As I watched events from the three-year take-the-world-by-storm story of this five-man “boy band,” I found myself tumbling back to the ’80s and reliving the fanatical mobs that surrounded Michael Jackson during his solo rise to fame.

Some survive the celebrity and keep it in perspective, and some don’t.

I tried to explain to my niece that we had boy bands when I was a teen, too, but walked away when she said, “Oh, yeah? Who? The Beatles?”

The Beatles. Scoff.

Nana, maybe, but not me.

By the end of the show, I feel I learned a lot, listened to good music, saw a decent directorial job by Morgan Spurlock and spent  quality time with the smart-mouthed niece. I was entertained the entire hour and a half… and she didn’t drool on me once. But I did keep my distance. Oh, and the movie seats rocked. Literally.

If you want to learn more about the movie, check out IMDB.

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