Challenge Day 3: Too early to cheat?

Rodney's entry for Day 3:
Rodney’s entry for Day 3:

Is it bad that it’s only Day 3 and I’m already cheating? I had planned to spend part of the morning revising my book, and then let my fingers fly across the keyboard for 500 words or so to complete my blog post today. I’d be done in no time, have witty stuff to say and not have to worry about it this evening.

Didn’t happen.

By late morning, I had revised about half the prose I had hoped, with no words captured for my blog, when a phone call pulled me to work and separated me from my day’s creative ventures.

That said, I came home late and worked more on revisions, before remembering I had challenged my talented and wonderful husband to this creative contest. Be sure to see his photos and read his thoughts during this friendly, daily tussle aimed at holding each other accountable.

Darn it.

How do I get myself into these situations?

I don’t know if I recall why I committed to such a challenge, but I know how I became inspired enough today to write.

Yes, I cheated.

I looked up Rodney’s photo and read his description, which I’m not supposed to do.

But karma bit me on this one, because he posted a sports photo. Soccer, nonetheless. Not only am I not a big sports fan, but soccer falls just higher than golf on my list of favorite sports. Just to clarify, those are not the top two spots on the list, either.

I mean no disrespect to the fans or players. It just seems like the players get so tired running up and down the field. And the rules don’t make sense to me. And the sun is so hot. And I usually don’t have anyplace to sit because I always forget my chair. And I just end up whining the whole time.

Get the picture?

I do admire the athletes who condition and train to play this sport. They must be in exceptional shape, with excellent stamina and coordination, to navigate through defenders, get the ball to bypass the goalie and score for their team.

But they need to not play in the sun. And someone should install sideline recliners. And I don’t know why the ball has to hit them in the head. That seems dangerous. And there’s all that running.

Did I mention the sun?


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