NOTE: While this project encountered a hiatus early on, I was determined to finish the project that had been started. On September 16, 2018, I finished writing essays for all the word prompts. I didn’t immediately post the prompts on this website, because I let life get in the way. However, I knew I eventually would share them. Today, December 30, 2018, was that day. I was going to complete the project before 2018 ended. Fate had other plans. The file in which I wrote all of the essays is gone. Despite having several backup systems in place, the file is just gone — along with 12 essays into which I had painstakingly bled my heart. The stubborn side of me would normally try to recreate the posts, which would end up being a scant replacement for the original pieces, just to say I had finished. I would be terribly disappointed in myself. So instead, I will trying to love and be good to myself. There is no logical reason why that file is gone from every place it was saved, except, perhaps, that the words were meant to help me heal and process, but were not meant to be shared with the world. I’m sure I will have other projects and blogs and rants in 2019, but this one, well, it’s finished.

Clash of Concepts Revisited

A challenge between friends, genres and styles

In November 2017, Rodney and I challenged each other to create for 30 days based on a randomly generated word. Now, we are challenging our friend,, to a 15-day writer's-block-busting challenge. grew up in Brown County, Indiana, and earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism in 2014. He enjoys writing in all forms, but has developed a passion for the world of fiction—particularly its darker side. He lives in Tennessee with his dog, Rex, and enjoys reading, movies, hiking and other outdoor activities.

While there is a creative difference between my writing and Rodney's photography, there is an even greater difference between my writing and's—I prefer essays and he prefers dark fiction—so this should be an exciting journey to see how we interpret the words differently.

Clash Words

June 10 – Hallway
June 11 – Sound
June 12 – Deteriorate
June 13 – Sugar
June 14 – Mold

June 15 – Critic
June 16 – Cower
June 17 – Exit
June 18 – Essay
June 19 – Pride

June 20 – Strength
June 21 – Tourist
June 22 – Satellite
June 23 – Size
June 24 – Avant-Garde

June 12: The Girl Next Door

By He had watched her. He’d watched her from a distance for the longest time. The young woman, across the street, at 1206 Ashburn Court, had been of a particular interest to him ever since he had seen her getting ready for bed three years ago. Well, getting ready for bed wasn’t exactly the right term. She just stood there. He hadn’t meant to see her, he was getting ready for bed himself when he saw her light flick on. And there she was in all her glory. It irritated him a bit that he couldn’t see her face, …
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June 12: A Deteriorating State

By Linda Margison Webster defines “deteriorate” in the following two ways: “to become worse or of less value” and “to lower in character, dignity, or quality.” I can’t help but connect those definitions to the current state of our world, a place where progress, civility, acceptance, and hope caught a foothold and started to rise, but then was ambushed by an arrogant, racist, misogynistic, and greedy sect that hoisted its king and slid on its hood, rolling back unity and harmony in the name of patriotism, gun rights, and a bastardized view of religion. The more we instruct children to …
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June 12: Deteriorate

By Rodney Margison
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Fingers raked over a chalkboard.

June 11: Sound

By Rodney Margison
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June 11: Come Along, Child

By Come along, child, it’s time for bed
Shut off that tv or those images will fix themselves inside your head.
I told you it was unwise to start a movie about the living dead. Come along now, child, let’s move along.
No, I don’t have time for one last bedtime song.
You promised not to do this, you said that you’d be good.
And you’re definitely not acting like I think you really should. Come along, child, get to bed. Make no sound.
I will be most upset if I hear your feet hit the ground. There is …
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June 11: The Sounds of My Life

By Linda Margison The swoosh, swoosh, swoosh of my unborn babies’ heartbeats. The sound of their first cries. “Love you, Mama.” “Forever and ever, amen.” Those are the sounds of my heart. “Goodbye.” “You are the problem. It’s all your fault.” The sprint cars roaring around the racetrack miles away. The thunder announcing an approaching storm. The rain, rushing down and hitting the earth in both destruction and nutrition, so loud and fierce I cringe and cower. The whir and rattle from the fans on either side of the bed, keeping the silence at bay, distracting my mind just enough …
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Clash of Concepts

Pen vs. Lens: A friendly contest between creatives

To keep the creative juices flowing and to give me a doable replacement for National Novel Writing Month—which involves a process I love that wouldn't fit into my life right now—I came up with the idea for a creative project between me and my husband, who is a photographer. We have launched headlong into it.

This project is simple: We’ve challenged each other to a month-long duel to create one project per day—an image for Rodney and a story for me—based on a single, daily prompt.

We are using a random word generator to provide that prompt, and the results of each daily challenge are posted at Clash of Concepts for all to see. The project began November 1, 2017, and ends on November 30. We hope you will follow us on our creative journey.


Clash of Concepts Revisited