Challenge,  Travel Around

Day 2: Settling into a new life

My morning started at 6:30 a.m., as the sun lit up the skyline outside my window and illuminated the room. This is the view to which I awoke:

That tall silver building in the distance is the new Freedom Tower, erected on the site of the World Trade Center. Just a bit to the right is this view:

Reaching above the building to the far left is the Empire State Building.

Our first stop of the day was Zach’s dorm, which is the converted St. George Hotel in Brooklyn Heights. The accommodations are impressive and the rooms are not so bad. His room has its own bathroom, refrigerator, microwave and flat screen TV with built-in DVD player. Standard in the room are two twin beds with drawers underneath and two desks. His roommate seems to be very nice and much like Zach, personality-wise.

Here’s a couple pics from the dorm:

Zach outside the dorm before going inside.
Unpacking with his dad watching and Tyler gazing at the view… a brick wall.










From the dorm, we headed to the subway, bought mine, Rodney’s and Tyler’s weeklong passes and Zach’s monthly pass. Then, it was onto the subway and headed uptown. We only spent a few moments at the school. Zach completed registration and got his picture taken for his ID.

Getting his ID photo taken.
Zach at New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.










In the evening, we had a parent meeting while Zach had a dorm meeting. We separated ways and let him have some time getting to know his new friends. Tyler, Rodney and I decided to head to a pub and Times Square. Tyler traveled to New York City once before during a road trip with a friend. He didn’t get to experience much, so we are trying to help him in that manner. Here’s a couple of pictures of him:

At the Flatiron Building near Zach’s school.
Tyler in Times Square.

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