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Day 4 – Tuesday, May 30, 2006

South of the Border

After breakfast and filling up with gasoline, at an inexpensive $3.33 a gallon, we headed down the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping at a Ralph’s, which is a huge grocery store chain out here, applied for a discount card and picked up snacks and stuff for lunch.

Our journey down the coast took us from Long Beach to Seal Beach, which has a naval weapons station, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, where Mom and Dad lived when I was born. From there, we had to get back on the 5 through the Camp Pendleton area. At a pull off, we got out and the boys fed granola to some squirrels. They had such a blast. That was the same place Rod and I stopped on our first trip out. From that, Tyler and I fell asleep, and Rodney didn’t wake us up until we were entering the San Diego area so we could see a military tanker and a cruise ship. Just a few miles more and we were at San Ysidro, the last American stop, where we parked and rode a bus into Tijuana, Mexico.

The boys seemed to enjoy the culture, the lifestyle, different buildings, people hawking overpriced items. Zach was horrified that guys were flirting with me, and Tyler said he was looking for “happy” pills at the many, many pharmacy shops. Part of the street was blocked off and fire engines galore were trying to put out a fire at a hotel-slash-restaurant. Amazing. Structure fires smell the same in Mexico as they do in the States.

As we walked around, a man with the LA Times called to schedule a tour (9:30 a.m. Thursday) and we saw the Jai Alai stadium and other very cool structures. Tyler bought sunglasses and Zach got a hoodie-jacket-poncho-sort of thing. We waited forever for the bus to come back to pick us up, and then we had to wait forever in Customs. When we got off the bus and stood in line, Rodney asked if I had ID on me and I started freaking out, because I had left my license in my purse. The Customs officer was great and harassed me lightly, but the waved me, Rod and the boys through.

We got back in the country and headed up the 805, in search of food. We decided we want to eat at three different fast food places before we leave: Jack in the Box, Weinerschnitzel or In and Out Burger. After driving forever, we found a Weinerschnitzel, but Rodney was discouraged because it was drive-through only, so we headed to find something else. In San Clemente, we took the first of four exits hoping to find something, came to a stop off the exit ramp and looked immediately to our right for a Jack in the Box. YAY! The food was delicious, albeit a bit expensive for the four of us – just less than $30. I had a Southwestern Chicken Pita, which was mmm-mmm-good! As soon as we got in the car and headed down the road, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until we were pulling into the motel. I went straight to bed when we got back. I’m having a heck of a time adjusting to the time change. It will take forever to get back on Indiana time.

Today, our moods were pretty crummy, off and on, and we clashed more than once, causing hurt feelings. But tomorrow is another day, and I’m determined not to be a control freak with the sightseeing so we can have a good time for the rest of the days we’re here.

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