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Day 5: A Birthday, Shows and The Rock

Today was bittersweet.

Zachary turned 18.

Legal and living in New York City. Now there’s a title to a screenplay.

As it often does, milestones such as this cause me to reflect on the past. There’s the entrance he made into this world, hearing applause from the surgery team waiting in the hallway prepared to do emergency surgery. He grew accustomed to applause at an early age.

Zach has always been happy and quiet. He has an inner peace to him and can’t stand conflict. He is the ultimate pacifist. Must come from the strong attachment to his pacifier when he was a baby. (Get it? Pacifi-er? Oh, well, puns have never been my strong suit.)

An especially relevant story right now is our experience putting Zach in daycare. The first day, he cried all day. They thought it was a newbie fluke. The second day, he cried and screamed all day. Now many daycares will tell you, “Oh, he only cried until you left.” Not this one. On the third day, we started to drop him off, and he cried hysterically. That was Zachary’s final attempt at daycare. After that, my mom kept him while we worked.

Why is this relevant?

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know tomorrow is our last day in New York City. And when we pull out at about 7 a.m., Zachary won’t be with us. He will be at his dorm, launching his dreams.

He’s already had emotional moments, but he and we know that this will be good for him.

I hate to see him cry, and I hate even more knowing he is crying on the inside, or waiting until we pull away to cry.

He doesn’t necessarily want to grow up yet, and I want to take him home. Tyler will be a mess and wants to move here. Rodney is being the strong one.

So we tried to spend the day doing fun activities to get his mind off our leaving and to enjoy his birthday. Here are a few of those:

• He and Tyler went to see Once and talked with the lead actor, Steve Kazee, after the show about where he was trained. Very nice guy.

• He had his picture taken with John Stamos and talked with Kristin Davis. They perform in Gore Vidal’s The Best Man, showing next to the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre.

• He had his birthday cake — the best plain cheesecake on the planet — courtesy of Junior’s Cheesecake, which is just down from the theater, off Shubert Alley.

• We traveled to the top of Rockefeller Center and got a view of Manhattan that is second to none.

• We tried once again for lottery tickets to The Book of Mormon, but, alas, no luck again.

• Rodney and I went to see Nice Work If You Can Get It, in Imperial Theatre. Matthew Broderick normally performs in that show, but he’s on vacation, so Will Chase  (of “Smash” fame) filled in for him. It was a very nice show. Got up close and personal with the cast after the show, and even saw Debra Messing sneaking around behind fans who were busy getting autographs from the cast. She seemed like a really nice lady who didn’t want to take attention away from the cast.

Tonight, Zach is coming back to the hotel to spend the night, since it’s our last night. Wish us luck on being able to separate without too much turmoil.

This has been an amazing trip and I look forward to the next one. I’ve got more reason to come back now.

Thanks for reading my misadventures, even on the nights I fell asleep writing or was so tired I was incomprehensible.

Tomorrow’s a new adventure to write about.


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