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Driving Mom — Crazy!

Liberated. Free. Grownup. All feelings that embodied the action of securing my driver’s license at the age of 16. Excited. Alive. Escape.

On August 2, my oldest son, Tyler, successfully completed his driving test and because the newest member of the motoring population. With mixed feelings of worry for his safety and elation that he had accomplished such a feat, his father and I watched as he posed for his photo.

It seems both yesterday and centuries ago that our baby was born, and now he was taking an important step into manhood. We learned the same day, just how much that step meant, or rather, how much it cost… insurance just for Tyler cashed in at a whopping $108 extra per month. Needless to say, he isn’t too happy that his part-time job that financed his wishes and wants became a necessity so that he could continue to motor around the county.

His first venture was around town, and three weeks later, he’s still not venturing into neighboring cities on his own. We’re all much more comfortable with him practicing his navigational skills a bit before doing so.

Next on his list is to get his car title transfered and tagged, and then he’ll have more freedom than he’ll know what to do with… that is… if his keys don’t get confiscated…

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