Challenge,  Diakonia

Enduring shadows to see sun

If there’s anything guaranteed in this life, it is change. We experience change from the moment we take our first breath… in fact, we experience change AT the moment we take our first breath. From that time we change each and every day, and for those of us who have children, we know and have been amazed at how these little creatures rapidly change in their first year of life. From completely helpless human beings to walking, jabbering, miniature people with their own personalities… all in one year.

After the first year of our lives, we experience constant change, and just when we get comfortable at one stage, here comes adolescence and hormones, and just when we begin to cope with that, we become young adults who are thrust into the world of college or work or living on our own. That becomes a whole new spectrum of change as we encounter bumps along the road of life.

Maybe we expected to graduate from a specific college, but our grades didn’t make it and we flunked out, hit by a devastating change that required us to take a deep look at our lives and find a new way and a new path. Perhaps we find the person we thought we would spend our lives with, but the relationship falls apart or the person passes away, leaving us to evaluate and rebuild our lives and decide which relationship path we now will embark upon.

Perhaps our living situation changes. We find a home in which to live that we know is a gift from God and we feel like that is the place in which we will live until the end of our days. Or maybe it’s a job. Or a marriage. Or having good health or being able to get around on our own. Or maybe it’s dreams.

Even if God brings us to a situation that is life-saving and the perfect solution for us at that time, it is only for a season. God doesn’t promise it as a forever solution, but maybe these situations or homes are just for seasons. God moves us to open up even greater situations and existences for us.

Change is built into our lives. Parenting a baby is different from parenting a toddler. You have to adapt. Then when they become teenagers, you have to change again. Finally, when your children become adults, your parenting style has to change again.

Nobody likes change, although we all know that growth requires change. None of us wants the opposite of growth. When a tree stops growing, there’s a scientific term for this condition… It’s called dead! Painful or not, change helps us grow.

The key is, we’ve got to learn to respond to change positively. God never stays still — He’s always working. And we’ve got to learn to move with Him and work with Him in all life’s changes… home, job, marriage, friendship, health.

Even the strongest people get tired at times, but God’s power and strength never diminish. He is never too tired or too busy to help and listen. His strength is our source of strength, and we can always call on him when we don’t feel like we can take another step.

When we feel that all we encounter is bad and when we feel so weary we can’t possibly see what God’s plan is in our situation, we can cling to the cross and God’s promises for us. He DOES have a plan greater than this. Tragedy may simply be a necessity so something even better can be revealed to us.

Hoping in the Lord is expecting that his promise of strength will help us to rise above life’s distractions and difficulties. God loves you and wants the best for you. Relax and be confident that his purposes are right.

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