Falling into another season of change and inspiration

When the wind gets a nip and the leaves change hues, I feel a metamorphosis in my own creative being.

Ideas flow and actions follow suit. Even if I haven’t created in ages, my mind ignites with ideas and my fingers find themselves racing across the keyboard with words appearing letter by letter on the blank page.

What about the colorful, dying trees and the frigid wind do I find inspiring?

The autumn season evokes reflection and a desire to create. Many life changes, seasons of my life, transitioned during the fall months.

I moved to Brown County, Ind., in the fall. I left my job at the Brown County Democrat and started This Is Brown County in the fall. I trained for and ran a 5K in the fall. And each fall season, I ponder and start new writing projects.

It’s as if the chilly wind blows inspiration into my mind and swirls the thoughts around until they ooze out my fingertips.

This fall, I’ve jumped off another cliff into the chasm known as change, and I’m excited to see how the wind catches my wings. Will I soar? Will the wind fall still and I plummet to harsh reality below?

That’s the beauty of fall. We don’t know whether the colors will emerge and grace us with an exquisite autumn or if the rain and wind will tear the leaves from their branches to die on the ground without fanfare.

Just like change. Without change, the old cannot die away and allow the new to burst forth with hope and possibility. In between those two stages is the barren, cold days of winter, of transition. Sometimes that season is harsh. Sometimes it’s just what we need.

The season that just ended was long and rough.

Whatever lies ahead, I’m ready for it.

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