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For heaven's sake, just give me the remote

Since I’ve been a bit under the weather this weekend, and it’s my first one without homework in more than a year, we’ve resorted to watching movies this weekend and doing that all-important task — cleaning out our Netflix queue.

We’ve watched some good movies… and some not-so-good movies. We’ve even quit watching one 25 minutes into the show — it was about a teen filmmaker who was making a documentary leading up to him committing suicide on camera. Too morbid and terrifying, even for us.

For us, watching movies is research. I evaluate plot points and character development. Tyler does the same, but also gives us a glimpse at camera angles and equipment needed to film. Rodney watches for inconsistencies in lighting.

Don’t ever watch movies with us — we’ve taken the fun out if for most people.

We started off our movie marathon with one of my all-time favorites: Crash. If you’re going to analytically watch one movie seeking a prime example for everything done right, watch Crash.

(See links above for synopsis and information on the movie.)

But, alas, the movies aren’t quite the reason for today’s blog entry. My husband is.

Rodney is a great guy and most anyone who meets him knows that immediately.

He has a flaw, though.

He couldn’t operate a remote to save his life. But, wait, it’s not the buttons he can’t figure out, it’s actually choosing a movie or show once he has it in his hand.

When he picks up the TV or Wii remote (we watch Netflix through our Wii), he goes through the guide over and over, and over, and over, then finally tosses the remote on the table, saying, “I don’t know. I’m lost.”

He hates making decisions and asking him to choose a movie is a nightmare.

Now, I know this is opposite of most men, but the truth is, Rodney just doesn’t care. He wants everyone else to be happy, and he’ll watch whatever is the popular consensus.

That’s awesome for the rest of us who like to watch what we want to watch.

But just once, it would be nice for him to make the decision.

So, why don’t you all just help him out. Give him a list of options to ease his decision-making dilemma.


Because me constantly choosing chick flicks isn’t pushing him in that direction quickly enough. My torturous nature is lost on him.

But it’s starting to wear on me.

Send him ideas…

… just not violent action movies, OK? Or space movies… I don’t care much for those. No westerns either. Oh, and there’s….

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