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Friday Night, Football and A New Press Box

TIBC Radio’s J.P. Owens broadcasts the BCHS Eagles football game against West Vigo Friday, August 31, from the high school’s new press box. (Staff photo by Linda B. Margison)

It’s Friiiiidaaay niiiiight!

That must mean it’s time for high school football.

At least for those of us at This Is Brown County.

I’ve never been a huge fan of football, but I love watching the Brown County Eagles.

For those who don’t know, I’m a partner in a little venture called This Is Brown County. We started with the main website ( because we believed the citizens of Brown County deserved a media outlet focused on their needs.

Then, we had a fun idea. Our athletes weren’t being covered like we felt they should, so we decided to start a little radio broadcast. That was the impetus for TIBC Radio. We started small, but now our listeners can tune in on their smartphones and tablets, as well as their computers. How exciting that they can sit at the game and listen to our broadcast! (We also now have TIBC Press, but that’s a story for another day.)

As TIBC Radio, we attend all of the boys’ basketball and football games and expect to expand that in the future. Our advertisers have been growing and faithful.

There’s nothing quite like the community spirit felt at high school sporting events. Home games are the best, because you see the stands packed and hear the cheers of Eagle spirit. Many parents, sports enthusiasts and administrators also travel to away games, showing the athletes they have home support.

When it comes to football, the crowd roars, the air feels either stifling hot or frigid cold (doesn’t seem to be a middle ground with football weather), the whistles blare shrilly, the band  belts finely tuned melodies, the cheerleaders kick and yell, and the athletes play hard.

The whole evening just has an energy about it that reminds me why I live in a small town.

We’re lucky to have the support of the school system. This football season, TIBC Radio will broadcast in a new pressbox, thanks to the efforts of Brown County Superintendent David Shaffer, Assistant Superintendent Dennis Goldberg, BCHS Principal Matt Stark and Athletic Director Brian Garman.

In previous seasons, we set up a table on the top row of the bleachers and struggled to hear each other over the band (love the band, by the way) and the cowbells.

That was easy.

Rain, on the other hand, was a little more difficult to handle.

But we did.

And we’re glad we don’t have to anymore.

Thank you, BCHS and Brown County Schools.

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