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From one soapbox to another…

Work was interesting today, as the newsroom hopped from one soapbox to the next — from paranoid police officers targeting methamphetamine makers and infringing on cold-sufferers’ right to buy over-the-counter medication to Homeland In-Security to violators of the Freedom of Information Act — we didn’t have a lack of sermon topics.

Although others at the newspaper probably grow weary from our drawn-out philosophical and ethical debates, I love the exchange of ideas, because it gets the ole juices flowing. We express our opinions, sometimes swaying each other, but mostly entice our coworkers into considering new angles and possibilities.

Following an especially lively debate, and once the room is settled back down, as a writer, I’m better able to transfer my thoughts through my fingers to the keyboard and computer screen. And in the end, I am able to create and complete a particular article.

While I’m exceptionally opinionated, I appreciate others’ thoughts and savor my right to be flexible and change my own mind when presented with a persuasive argument.

I fear the day when regulations and governmental dictatorships steal even our right to have an opinion that isn’t popular or in agreement with the rulers.

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