So… I’ve always thought this whole zombie mania was a bit ridiculous.

But my sons and their friends… and… well, most of the world… talk about the Zombie Apocalypse, especially after the face-eating incident in Miami, Florida, ( and other similar attacks about the same time.

I just kinda laughed at the boys when they said I’d be in trouble when the zombie attacks start.

And then, they had this crazy idea to have us watch “The Walking Dead” — yeah, I know. We always try to take interest in what the boys are interested in, so reluctantly, we agreed.

Thanks to Netflix, we have access to Season 1 of Walking Dead (

What on earth were we thinking?!?

I’ve never given zombies a second thought, and now I’m dreaming about them?

We’ve watched episode after episode… and jumped and screamed at the TV.

Zombies… zeesh!

Along the way, we have grown fond of the characters. And, since I’m an English/literary nut, I’m starting to see the parallels to Lord of the Flies by Nobel Prize winning-author William Golding (, and that really excites me.

I love exceptional writing.

Any fans of the show out there? Share your thoughts.