My first book…

I’ve finally published my first book. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites, as well as from me. The e-book is available exclusively on Amazon. Check it out:

PURE POWER:  A guide for preteen girls on finding purity in their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional lives

Middle school students are being exposed to sex in the media at a time when they are reaching puberty sooner and parents in multiple broken marriages and revolving-door relationships are less attentive. Access to sexually explicit images and birth control is becoming easier and easier and the consequences of intercourse and oral sex, both physically and emotionally, arebeing ignored or glorified as a rite of passage. Now is the time for young girls to be empowered not to follow the actions of their peers and celebrities. Pure Power addresses these issues and can be read individually or in group study to help preteen girls discern God’s desire for them to remain pure until marriage.

Send an e-mail to Linda Margison for more information or to order a copy. 

Print editions available locally in Nashville, Indiana, for $8.99, plus tax. If you are a youth leader, contact me for information on bulk purchases and your free copy and resources.

Pure Power is available in e-book form in the Amazon.com Kindle Store. Buy your copy today for only $2.99. Go here to start reading today: Pure Power E-Book.

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