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November 11 – Shake

Each morning, I have a high-protein, probiotic shake with fruit. After years of adding and eliminating food, evaluating everything that crosses my lips, getting varying degrees of sick and then trying to figure out what causes it, these shakes have been an addition that helps me feel better.

People who know me or who have at least sat down to a meal with me know that I have a plethora of food restrictions mainly due to three autoimmune diseases that produce antibodies which cause my immune system to attack different organs and tissues in my body. Being hypersensitive about my diet helps me manage the diseases.

My tongue and stomach are often enemies that declare nuclear war against each other, and I must deal with the fallout. My taste buds want eggs and bacon, maybe biscuits and gravy, or a large stack of pancakes with real butter and blackberry syrup, but my stomach and the rest of my body would send me in a multiple-week—maybe multiple-month—emotional and physical turmoil that would take all my efforts to overcome.

My morning shake, however, feeds my body what it needs. It isn’t a trendy fad shake, but instead is one Rodney and I came up with—and with trial and error, the current combination seems to help my body function as it should.

I do miss big breakfasts, though, especially on the weekends. But on the days I passed up the shake for eggs and gluten-free toast, I was both sick and unsatisfied.

My diet is a pain, but I know it’s the only way I can have a good quality of life. The ugly side of autoimmune disease—that I try not to focus on—is a frightening prospect, so I figure the more I can do to be healthy, the longer life I will have.

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