Clash of Concepts

November 21 – Plausible

It’s plausible, that I can’t think of anything plausible to write about this evening, because each time I think of the word—plausible—I think of the TV show “Mythbusters.”

On “Mythbusters,” two special effects experts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage—the former of whom grew up in Columbus, Indiana, hometown of my husband—confirmed or debunked myths and urban legends, but sometimes, they determined that the myth was plausible.

I could go in-depth here and explain all the specific criteria that made a myth plausible, but I won’t, because as intrigued as I was with the original concept, I quickly became equally bored.

Just as I have with this post.

It’s plausible, that this is a debunked post.

But it’s confirmed that Hyneman and my husband were graduates of the same high school.

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