Clash of Concepts

November 23 – Offer

On holidays—especially Thanksgiving—we offer gratitude for the people in our lives, for the bountiful table of food, for the hands that prepared the food and for those that eventually will package the leftovers and clean up the mess.

We mention and acknowledge those who are gathered around the table and those who are not. Sometimes we offer tears of sadness and gladness, confessions of gratefulness and words of reflection.

We offer kindness to others. On these particular days, we treat each other better than during our day-to-day interactions.

No one wants to ruin the special day. The one who most desires not to be a spoiler tends to be the one offering the greatest chaos.

We offer food and games. We offer a smile when our hearts are sad. We offer forgiveness, because we need it most ourselves.

Overall, we offer the chance to start again each day and be just a little better than we were the day before.

It’s the most we can offer to others—and to ourselves.

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