Clash of Concepts

November 25 – Nondescript

Is it true that older generations were content with living nondescript lives? Did a lack of chaos or drama equate to a good life? Were people who found nondescript jobs they kept until retirement living the dream?

Even with the Great Depression, economic conditions seemed to have more stability. People put the vibrancy of their lives into families and homes, not in the jobs they pursued. Or, at least, that’s the perception.

What does it mean to have a nondescript life? Is that good or bad?

What about being a nondescript person?

Take me, for example. I prefer to stay in the background, but I don’t desire to be a nondescript person.

Nondescript means being without qualities that make a person or thing interesting. I don’t want to be invisible or uninteresting. When I work toward a goal in which others are involved, I prefer to see them soar, knowing that—even in a small way—I made a difference in their lives.

Many people misinterpret my intentions.

While my intentions may be nondescript, I hope my impact is just the opposite.

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