Clash of Concepts

November 30 – Protect

When a person starts a project like Clash of Concepts—a project that requires creativity, interesting stories and a touch of humor—the tendency may be to protect oneself from vulnerability.

I’ve thought of this many times in the past month—wondering what people would think of me if I showed them what goes on in my head.

I have written some pieces that I’m proud of and some that I should have censored. But it was important for me to be me on this journey—good, bad and ugly—and I definitely have shown you some ugly.

The easy way out would have been to protect myself—and you—from the realness of what I have thought and experienced this month.

Very simply, I have shared me with you. I hope you have taken my moments of happiness and sadness and insecurity and disgust and delight—as well as all the heartfelt stories—and used them to springboard your own thoughts on a journey toward self-discovery and acceptance.

We can choose to protect ourselves, but a life of authenticity not only offers acceptance of the people we are, but shows others that they are not alone.

By opening up to you in the deepest of ways, I hope I have made a difference in your life—because your acceptance of me in my vulnerability has made a difference in mine.

De Colores.

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