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One step closer to saying goodbye

Tonight, we had a wonderful evening of family and friends gathering at our home to wish Zachary well as he leaves for New York City in three days. I feel so blessed to know people who love my kids so much.

I don’t know where time has gone. It seems like he has grown up so quickly… life happens too quickly.

I could tell so many stories about that kid, but they would take up too much space, and, well, he would disown me.

Here’s some highlights:

• Potty-training himself on our trip to Cape Hatteras, NC.

• Refusing to learn to read until he realized he couldn’t read the satellite guide. He learned in an unbelievably short time.

• Stepping onto the stage and finding himself.

• Loving his brother and being his best friend.

• Having the kindest, most gracious heart.

• Being modest and shifting recognition from his accomplishments to the good of all.

• Relishing the fact he was baptized in the theater… literally. (Our church was constructing a new sanctuary and met in the theater for several months. Zach decided to be baptized during one of the services.)

• Taking time out of his life to just sit and have a conversation with me. Even when his friends are around. Priceless.

I have loved being a mother to Tyler and Zachary. They are amazing… I’m so proud. I’m excited to see how they define themselves in the next chapter of their lives.

I know I talk a lot about my boys in this blog, but that’s just me. They are so special, so interesting, so fun, that I’d want to know them, even if I hadn’t given birth to them.

I think I’ve spent the last six months or so just trying to figure out what happens to me when they don’t need me every day… when they don’t live in the same house as me. Countless people tell me I’ll find something to do. They say I’ll adjust. Some are simply derogatory about their own children and say, “I can’t wait until they leave.”

I’m not that way.

I like sitting down and having conversations with my sons. They’re interesting. They have intelligent ideas to share. They are artistic and funny.

I miss them already.

I’m thankful our family and friends feel the same way and took time out of their busy lives to stop in and wish them well.

And I’m blessed that Zach and Tyler are the best of friends.

I’m just blessed across the board.

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