Opening Night at the BC Fair

I suspect the blogs for this week will all have a common theme, so I want to share some observances from opening night of the Brown County Fair.

The ribeye steak sandwich and fried potatoes… oh, me, oh, my! The Lick Creek Love Bugs put together an awesome dinner, which tradition has seen me devouring on the first night… and, usually, subsequent nights, as well.

(Under no circumstances am I negating the other 4-H groups and food booths… I’m just partial to the ribeye. I’m sure ALL the food at the fair is spectacular.)

People, people, people! Tonight was a time to see people I haven’t seen since the last fair… and even those I see regularly. Oh, and there’s that one person, or two, or thr–, (you get my point) who starts a conversation and speaks to me like I should know the person like my sister… and for the life of me, I can’t remember the person’s name or the context in which I know the person.

“TIBC is my newspaper… it’s where I get all my news.” Have to admit, I didn’t get tired once of hearing that all night! Knowing people love This Is Brown County makes all the work over the years worth it… and I know Kim appreciated the kind comments, too.

The drone of the grandstand event… ugh. As an advancing-in-age person, I struggle to hear what the person next to me is saying. Throw in revving engines from the 3/4 midget races, and I might as well be 90… “Huh?”

Brown County Schools’ popcorn… YUM! I love that our booth neighbors the schools’ booth, because the freshly popped treat is so tasty!

We had a lot of interest in our newest venture, TIBC Press… I have one piece of advice for those who hesitantly linger and finally admit that they have an idea for a book… Write! You can’t deny that desire forever, and writing can actually help deal with hardships and disappointments. (You know who you are!)

Kritzer’s Feed Store is giving something special away if you approach the booth with the Phrase of the Day… FYI, tonight was NOT “mooo”… (Thanks, Stephanie!)

I’ll have more observances tomorrow night… be sure to stop by the TIBC booth and pick up your TIBC bracelet and fan.

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