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Packin' up memories, puttin' 'em in a box

I fought the notion to write again about Zach leaving home and the changes in our family, but then I realized it may help others to hear the process through which we are living at this moment.


This evening, we finally got Zach to start packing his clothes. I mentioned he might want to get started on Thursday. His response was, “Already??”

About 30 hours from pulling out of the driveway, he begins.

It’s an emotional time for everyone in the house. How do you convince a child… no, a young man… that this transition will be difficult, but necessary?

I remember my first night at college away from home. I cried, and cried, and cried… until I fell asleep. And the next night got a little better. And so did the next. That didn’t mean I didn’t get homesick, and it didn’t mean I didn’t find myself crying sometimes, but I got through it.

This is different, I know. He’s going a lot farther away than the hour-ish between my home and college. Not only that, he’s going to the largest city in the country.

My prayer for him is that he finds joy and happiness, even when he misses us… that he does his very best and learns all he can… that he follows God’s direction for his life and never gives up… even when he’s homesick.

I don’t have much more to share about the packing process. It’s just too sad. I want him to know it’s OK to go, and it’s OK to miss us, and it’s OK to be excited, and it’s OK to cry.

If I could take away the uncertainty and the fear, I would in a heartbeat.

But this is a journey he has to travel alone… and it needs to be him who finds his way in the world. He can’t live the life I would have for him.

How do I let him know everything will be OK?

Share your thoughts, please.

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