Redundancy the Sequel

I fully expected to give my impressions of the fair tonight, but I had a bit of a distraction.

At 7:30 p.m., my sons performed a set for McDonald’s Restaurant’s Live from the Patio music series. And, boy, am I a proud mama!

I love watching Tyler and Zachary perform together and almost shed tear realizing that tonight’s show could be their last one for quite a while.

Brown County is a wonderful place to raise kids, and I’m glad my children can call it home. The people here have supported them, encouraged them and nurtured them into amazing young men.

That’s what is so special about this county… the people. When we launched This Is Brown County three years ago, our main reason was because we believed Brown Countians deserved a better way to receive news about their community.

We had ideas for adapting to an Internet-savvy world and bringing that mindset and opportunity to Brown County. We didn’t focus on money or power, but simply have tried to serve the community and care for the people here. We just wanted to do the right thing.

Our intentions have been pure.

And we are happy to hear you say you appreciate our vision and efforts.

Since I’m sure everyone is tired of reading my proud ramblings, I’ll move on… I’m beginning to think my thoughts are redundant. Maybe I’ll find more interesting fodder for you tomorrow.

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