The Onset of Spring

Ahhh…. Spring….

The warm breeze blows my hair as I ride in the passenger seat of our somewhat beat-up Chevy Lumina. Behind the wheel is my loving husband, rambling about the sun and wondering if the fish are biting. I push my sleeves up and tilt my head back, allowing the sun to warm my face in the 75-degree weather. Most days, I work through lunch, while my husband fetches food to eat. Today, however, he asks if I want to go along, and I welcome the chance to get out of the small office and breathe in the fresh air of our small town. After we select our meals and exit the grocery store, we wave greetings to passersby and sing praises for such a glorious day.

Spring is rejuvenating. A time when our spirits are reborn along with the sprouts and buds around us. Open windows allow sounds of cars and motorcycles rumbling by to filter into the office, luring us to join them outside.

This is a magical time, one short-lived. Soon the temperatures will push mercury into uncomfortable zones and humid air will envelop our bodies and trap our lungs. We’ll search for relief in air-conditioned rooms and chlorine-infested swimming pools. We’ll swat mosquitos and curse the flies. News of West Nile virus will fill the airways.

For now, though, I’ll enjoy the sunshine in my eyes and its kiss on my cheek, both welcomed after a long, snowy, dreary winter. No jackets, no sweat, just the sweet smell of Spring.

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