The Sanity Project: To Lose or Not To Lose

This is a transitional post, bridging my thoughts, actions and writings. First, some updates.

If anyone follows my Facebook news feed, my stress from the past few weeks is no mystery.

The anxiety began with an eighteen-year-old son homeless in New York City, desperately searching for an apartment, continued with taking over the apartment search and negotiations, and finalized with that eighteen-year-old growing a year older in that big city without family… to be more exact… without me.

On Monday the 26th, the day after that son’s birthday, I celebrated my 45th year on this planet… with severe abdominal pains… and a trip to the emergency room. Two days later, the doctor finally decided to release me from the hospital, and I came home a physical and emotional wreck. My body still struggled with illness and my mind continued to mull over the thousands of dollars that two-day stay put us even more in debt.

The past few days have been a healing process.

To further prove so, Rodney and I have come to an agreement. We even shook hands. We are going to spend the next 30 days getting back in touch with our creative sides. Together.

We are embarking on a joint project: I will write and he will make photographic art… every day of September.

I’m excited about the possibility for creative endeavor, connection and freedom.

I will post his photos with my blog entries, and he will post photos on his blog with some written explanation inspired by the images.

When two creatives meet and marry, sometimes they lose track of the people they once were. I think the next month will be interesting. An exploration. Fun.

I’m also a bit nervous about posting whatever photo he creates with the words I create, since there will be no planning or prior arrangements to coordinate our topics.

I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I believe I will.

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