Anyone who knows me well knows I’m an old-school journalist. If you don’t know me, all you have to do is read the list to the right to see newspapers have been an important part of my past.

There was a time when I thought print newspapers could never be replaced. Everyone would always want to hold that paper in their hands and see the remnants of ink on their fingers, right?

There really is something special about being in a press room watching the rumbling, roaring press roll off the latest issue.

And the smell of ink…

Well, any diehard newspaper person of my generation ā€” you know who you are ā€” understands.

That could never change, could it?

A few years ago, I smelled change on the horizon, and it didn’t smell like ink.

I knew the mission to serve the public was being outweighed by corporate greed. I had ideas, but my pants zipped on the wrong side.

Journalism needed to be about people, not money.

That’s where TIBC originated. This online medium was a different way to bring information people wanted to their fingertips. And we wanted to freely communicate with you. That’s something most only dreamed of back in the days when newspapers reigned.

I was once told by a very wise newspaperman that you could judge how much the community supported you by your classified ads and letters to the editor.

Where does that put TIBC? We have nearly 6,000 of you declaring on Facebook that you like us. That’s almost half the population of Brown County… and our reach is global.

Newspapers can’t… and don’t… do that.

And though I miss the smell of fresh ink and the roar of running presses, there’s an element of excitement and comfort about being able to access all the news we need from our phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Change is good, even if it doesn’t smell the same.