Wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving

Today, we here at This Is Brown County will sit around the table with our families, thankful for our blessings, just like you.

For those who may not know, TIBC is the brainchild of Rodney and Linda Margison and Kim and J.P. Owens. Late last month, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of TIBC, a venture that has come at great personal sacrifice, yet has reaped tremendous blessings. We love what we do and we love serving you. We believe strongly in our mission to provide you with a photography-based Internet magazine dedicated to the people and happenings of Brown County, Indiana. We have so many new and exciting ventures planned for the upcoming year, and we hope you continue to be right there by our side as we move forward.

We are so thankful for all of you who have supported us and helped us and depended upon us. You have told your friends and family and the community. Your efforts have been so successful that we are closing in on 4,000 Facebook fans and consistently high hits to our parent website, www.ThisIsBrownCounty.com. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our fans are awesome, and we love you dearly for your devotion and faith in us.

We are blessed by our families and thankful that we have them. Our children are our lives, and pursuing TIBC allows us the freedom to be parents who are involved in their children’s lives. Our kids are extremely supportive of what we do, and what better example could we be to our children than to show them they can achieve anything if only they put themselves out there and try with all their hearts. We are thankful for our children and their faith, love and patience in all we do.

We are thankful to live in this community, a place where the people are caring, loyal, grassroots-minded and amazing partners in this TIBC venture that we love so much. We are blessed that TIBC allows us to pursue all the volunteer efforts that we are passionate about.

This Thanksgiving, and every day, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to be here, doing this for you. Changing one’s career or losing one’s financial security isn’t easy, but these life changes have come with far more positives than negatives. We are thankful. We are blessed. We are doing what we love.

Today, we want to say, “Thank you.”

We couldn’t do this without you.

This is a wonderful place to live, and we wouldn’t want to call any other place on this planet “home.” You know what we mean. You love this community, too.


This is Brown County…

Life is different here.

God bless you all and may you have true happiness, peace and joy this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.

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